Friday, January 23, 2009

Work Place Shooting Stopped By Concealed Carry

This is a story that will not be talked about on the left-wing media. Why? Because it proves two things. First, it proves that Concealed Carry works. Second, it proves that "gun control" will NOT stop a bad guy who wants to commit a crime.

This comes to us from the Houston Chronicle, via "Of Arms and the Law."

A woman, who is allegedly mentally unbalanced, walked into a Houston business with a bow and shot an employee in the chest. She then pulls what appears to a pistol (it turned out later to be fake) and points it at other employees. Two employees, who are concealed carry permit holders, fire at her, wounding her. The woman retreats to another room. Police arrive. The woman draws the bow and points it at police officers who also fire at her. The woman, and the man she shot with the arrow are both hospitalized.

First, this story proves that concealed carry works in the workplace. I cannot help but wonder how many more people would have been hurt if the employees had not stopped the woman with the bow. Obviously, she was willing to take more lives. This is evidenced by her drawing on police.

Second, the woman used a bow. Reports are that she was mentally unbalanced. When a person REALLY wants to kill, not having a gun will not stop them. If "Gun Control" had been involved in this story, the woman with the bow would have been the victor, she would not have been stopped, and neither of the concealed carry holders would have been armed.

The ONLY thing that gun control does is disarm law-abiding citizens.

Or perhaps we need tighter bow control?

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