Friday, January 23, 2009

Israel Declares Cease-Fire, Hamas Attacks

According to ynet News, two people were injured today (Sunday) when terrorist fired fifteen rockets and three mortars into Israel. The attacks were in Ashdod and Sedrot. In addition to the people that were injured, there was property damage from the attacks including damage to a kibbutz with a chicken farm (apparently there are 160,000 chickens so I am calling that a farm). Reports are that a couple hundred chickens were killed.

The Israeli Defense Forces fired back and took out the launchers of the rockets.

No country should constantly have to put up with this type of activity. If rockets were being fired from Juarez into El Paso every day, or across the border into Douglas, Arizona, I am quite sure the US Military would have responded with all the rage this nation can muster.

Of course, there are those out there that seem to think that Israel should have to just "put-up with it" or "deal with it." Why? Why should Israel not be entitled to protect their citizens, visitors and those within their borders?


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