Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on the Inauguration

At noon Eastern, a new age began in this country. I am not speaking of the "first's" that occurred today, although I will agree that it is remarkable and wonderful, that just over 45 years since Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech, an African-American family is the First Family. We should not forget, that President Obama is not the first African-American to hold high government office. The first African-American Secretary of State was appointed by President George W. Bush, and the first African-American Woman appointed Secretary of State, was also appointed by President George W. Bush.

The new age that I speak of is an age of liberalism with little to no method to object. President Obama is a liberal. The liberals control the House by a large majority. The liberals control the Senate by almost a veto and filibuster proof majority. The Cabinet, with the exception of Defense Secretary Gates, are all liberal ideologues.

I am NOT looking forward to this new age.

The President was correct in his speech, when he stated that we faced challenges ahead.

We face an economy with serious issues. Unfortunately, the "Market" reacted to the inauguration today with a drop of 332 points. The "Market " dropped 50 of those points during the President's speech. Does that tell us what "the Street" really thinks of the new President?

We continue to face a war on terror. It is ridiculous to think we should treat terrorist we capture as criminals. They are enemy combatants, captured in a combat zone, out of uniform. They should be treated as such, and not treated as an American citizen subject to all the rights and privileges' of our court system. They should be treated as what they are, and I do NOT believe this contradicts any of the ideals our country was founded on.

We face a possible climate shift. I am NOT speaking of global warming. On the contrary, I am speaking of global cooling. What we need for this is SCIENCE. REAL SCIENCE- not the voodoo and false science of Global Warming. We need real scientists doing real research so we can prepare for what is to come. I do not say or believe that we need scientist to tell us how to radically change the climate, for I do not believe that man has very much influence on planetary climate change. We are in a period of sunspot lapse that exceeds 95% of normal, and only during the Dalton Minimum has a lapse time been longer. Fortunately real science is finally starting to "leak out." Now even the liberal CNN is starting to see that, just maybe, cooling is happening and "Global Warming" may be a myth.

We face a time when the rights of the individual are constantly eroded. We live in a time when, although the Court has ruled in Heller that the Second Amendment applies to the individual, the new President has appointed an Attorney General who has, throughout his career, worked to weaken the Second Amendment.

Yes, I agree with our new President, we face many challenges. What those challenges are, and how we should address them are where the President and I disagree.

Although I wish the President and his family good health and safety, and I want to see a safe, secure, peace in the Middle-East, especially for Israel, I do not wish the President success. I do not want him to succeed. The success of this President and Congress will be disaster for this country.

As such I will write. I will write my Congressman. I will write here. I will make calls. I will donate to organizations such as the NRA who are there to ensure that Freedom is protected. I encourage all my readers to do the same.

It is 650 days until mid-term elections. 650 days until we can change the polarity of the Congress. We have 650 days of hard work ahead of us.

I encourage all my readers to join me, working over the next 650 days, so that we can bring about REAL change.


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