Sunday, November 8, 2020

Obituary for The Trump Presidency

It appears now that we have a President Elect and when the Electoral College meets in December, the final vote will be “official.”  It is now probably safe to accept that former Vice President Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021. (I say probably because any number of things could potentially happen, even though the probability is quite low).

So what happened and why?  I certainly have opinions, and they are just that- opinions.  But, I will attempt to explain the logic behind my opinions and present any facts that support my opinion as well.  

There is no way one can call the Trump Presidency an unparalleled success.   I would argue there were only a few successes.  The biggest success that can be attributed to the Trump Administration is in relation to Israel.   After eight years with a President who said Israel should give up Jerusalem (May 20, 2011 speech is one instance) by calling for a return to pre-1967 borders (borders prior to the Six Day War), US-Israeli relations took a hit.  Now, the US is building an Embassy in Jerusalem (western half) and in effect the US has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.  At the same time, additional Arab States have recognized Israel.  That is, at least, a significant change in the Middle East.  The fact of the United States recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and having the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan normalize relations, must be considered a success - especially when one considers that the last time an Arab Nation officially recognized Israel was Egypt in 1979.  That success may have been pushed through and quarterbacked by Jared Kushner, but it was a Trump Presidency which made it possible.  

President Trump also appointed three Justices to the US Supreme Court.   With that said, only one vacancy was from retirement, and therefore was replaced by choice of the retiring Justice.  

President Trump also lowered taxes both on corporations, which does keep prices from rising - when corporate taxes increase, prices of goods increase- and individuals. 

But the border wall to stop illegal immigration, which was to be paid for by Mexico, certainly did not happen.   We also have tariffs and retaliatory tariffs on various products and materials- which only increase prices. 

I cannot blame the President for the fact that COVID-19 exists.   I also do not believe that any President can stop the disease - unless the President single handedly develops a vaccine. Disease has existed for as long as man has existed.   We will continue to have diseases and pandemics regardless of who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Diseases do not care what party one belongs to or how much money one has.   Diseases do not respect international borders.

I am of the opinion and belief that President Trump lost this election due to his own personality and attitudes.   Lest we forget, a significant number of registered Republicans did not support the 2016 Trump nomination.   The “Never Trump” movement was not insignificant. The number of Republicans who opposed President Trump increased as time went on.  

President Trump was ill suited to the Presidency, where working with people and not just ordering them to do what you want is essential.  There were several cabinet members who simply could not work with the White House.  

The fact remains that President Trump lost the White House; President-Elect Biden did not “win” it. (Yes, President-Elect Biden got the most votes, I am not questioning election results). One need only look at the outcome of the House and Senate elections (this far) to see that a large number of voters chose to vote for someone other than President Trump while voting for GOP candidates on the rest of the ticket.   With the exception of the White House, the 2020 elections were incredibly good for Republicans in down ticket races.   President-Elect Biden may have won the Presidency, but he had no coat-tails.  It can be stated that President-Elect Biden may have won the vote- but he has yet to win the country. 

Perhaps, the last four years will serve as a cautionary tale- only time will tell.  



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