Sunday, November 8, 2020

Executive Action and the Biden Administration

From an unnamed source in the Biden Transition team - "I expect [executive action] to be freely used in a Biden administration at this point, if the Senate becomes a roadblock."

Now how about that.  Is the former candidate CLAIMING to be all about Democracy wanting to set up a dictatorship? That’s what “one man rule” is called.   If the Senate doesn’t do what the President wants - he will do it anyway by Executive Action.  That is what has been said.  

Except, I don’t seem to find those two words together in the Constitution.  


The Senate is a CHECK on the House, the Courts and on the Executive.    

It is the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH that is supposed to pass laws- NOT THE EXECUTIVE.   

The fact remains, the Rank and File GOP helped give this election to President-Elect Biden.   There was an enormous amount of “Trump Exhaustion”.  Biden won because Republicans voted against Trump - they did NOT necessarily vote FOR President-Elect Biden.   

We have a constitution that is set up on the concept that the branches of government are separate, equal and can block the actions of the other branches.   That is the entire point of what the Founders envisioned.   They WANTED obstruction.  Obstruction in Government is GOOD.   It ensures that only those laws that all parties find at least tolerable and constitutional are passed (or that is the theory). Obstruction must be tempered and used rationally; not on every single item that is proposed.    Compromise is what is required.   Unfortunately, we have a tendency to see obstruction for the sake of politics as opposed to obstruction based on policy... which is absolutely need.  

Before President-Elect Biden gets carried away, he needs to take a LONG, hard look at how he can achieve consensus, rather than cramming an agenda down the throats of America.  



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