Saturday, October 3, 2020

In Memory of Eric Chamberlain

A couple of years ago, I decided to try a new format on this site. I invited an author form “the Left side of the Aisle” to write a counter point to articles that were posted from the right.   There were several articles that went out - on China, and on other topics.   The author was a friend of mine dating back to grade school, Mr Eric Chamberlain.   

This morning I received word Eric has gone to be with his Creator.  

I never have been able to remember if Eric and I would argue politics as kids.   The world was different then.  There was a clear cut enemy in the Soviet Union.  President Reagan was in the White House from our Sixth Grade year on.  Mostly I remember the pranks we would pull and the trouble we would get into and the fun we had together. 

Our educational paths diverged after our Freshman Year of High School. We lost touch with each other.   However, thanks to the advent of the internet and the development of Facebook we were able to reconnect as adults. 

Eric and I sometimes had different views politically.  But we’re always able to maintain a civil and even friendly discourse as we tossed opinions around.  Although we would disagree, we shared a mutual respect.  

Eric was 51.  He was taken from this world too soon, and we have lost a Great Person, with a Wonderful Spirit who was able to articulate his views with compassion and grace.  This site and our readers have lost a valued author and I have lost a friend.   

Eric A Chamberlain



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