Saturday, August 8, 2020

On Executive Orders for COVID Relief

Today, President Trump signed Executive Orders that provided for extra unemployment benefits and to put a hold on certain payroll taxes through the end of the year.   It is an interesting gesture, but that is not really something to “write home about,” nor is it something I am going to write about here.   I am on record as being critical of the Obama Administration on “Executive Action” used to bypass the Congress.  This administration appears to be doing the same thing and I still do not think “Executive Action” to get around Congress is appropriate.  

HOWEVER, there is a much larger issue here that should make every American angry.   The President signed these Executive Orders because Congress is NOT DOING ITS JOB.  

The economy is in chaos. The unemployment insurance increase provided in earlier COVID Relief bills has expired. COVID cases continue to rise and in some respects, if not all, the country is worse off NOW than it was back in March.    

Our Federal Representatives and Senators of BOTH parties along with the White House,  have decided that reaching a compromise on COVID Relief is TOO HARD to do right now. They are indicating they are just giving up. Blaming the other party, the other house, or the other branch of government is now the order of the day.  

Our Federal Representatives and Senators of BOTH parties along with the White House, are SO CONCERNED about the state of the country, the economy and The People,  they have decided that NOW is the time to play political games with the financial well-being of those unemployed due to COVID,  those who have lost weeks or months of pay and who are financially devastated, and those who the lowest paid wage earners.  

Our Federal Representatives and Senators of BOTH parties along with the White House, have decided that instead of everyone staying in Washington, burning the midnight oil and hammering out a solution and compromise, that it is more important to give up, head home, and get on the campaign trail.  

Make no mistake,  the reason there may not be another COVID relief package is because our Senators, Representatives,  and the White House are more concerned about saving their own jobs and getting re-elected, than they are about We The People.  

Over the next few months we will hear over and over and over again how concerned those running for office are.  We will hear how their primary goal is to support hard working Americans.  We will see hundreds of campaign commercials that say, “We did our best to try to get out another COVID Relief package,  but the other party's people stopped us.”  We will hear over and over and over again, the lies that work best in focus groups and polling.  Unfortunately, these lies will probably work  

The TRUTH is that those running for election and re-election are only concerned about one thing - winning their race. 

Isn’t it about time for We The People to stand up and with one voice tell those running on both sides, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! YOU ANSWER TO US. WE DO NOT ANSWER TO YOU!”  

Unless and until We The People finally express our fury and our will in the ballot box, this Republic will fail.  



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