Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scapegoating Russia to Deflect The Public

The US Government and FBI says a Russian Group was trying to hack the DNC since well before September 2015.   The FBI warned the DNC several times in September 2015 that they were being targeted.

Now supposedly this was all to help Donald Trump.  The problem with the story is that there were still a dozen or more candidates on the GOP side at that time.  So the Russians somehow knew in June-August 2015 when the first attacks started, that Donald Trump would be the nominee of the GOP out of 17 candidates?  The Russians knew before the first primary or caucus that Trump would get the nod?

Really? That was very insightful of them.  They knew who would drop out and who wouldn't and when.

Of course Matt Stone and Trey Parker did a South Park episode of Garrison as Trump last year- Maybe South Park is also connected to Russian Intelligence hacking ops?!

Or maybe the hacking was just hacking meant to embarrass the US, and the DNC's systems were broken into before the RNC's.

The attacks against the DNC were the oldest in the book, phishing attacks- the email you get from a hacker that says your bank account has been accessed, please change your PIN here.  This type of attack has been around for forever in the IT world and people are constantly warned of this type attack.  The DNC said we are a poor non-profit, we can't afford all the security systems we need- except there are plenty of freeware tools they could have used.

The one thing we HAVEN'T heard- that any of the emails were fake or that the data was wrong.

We have heard the Russians tried to hack the DNC to help Trump (when there were 17 candidates on the GOP side) and we've heard the MEDIA should not have published the emails, because the media knew they were acquired "illegally". We didn't hear the President say that about the illegal acquisition of Donald Trump's tax returns though.  We also have yet to hear that the information in the emails, such as pay to play at the state department was wrong or faked.

Maybe instead of blaming the Russians for accessing incriminating information, the DNC should be looking at itself and consider the possibility that maybe it shouldn't have been doing things that would be considered incriminating in the first place.

Blaming the Russians at this point is no different than saying it's the Washington Post's fault that Watergate occurred.


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