Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Change in Format- Encouraging Civil Discourse and Debate

Since 2003, I have hosted maintained and written the Carden Chronicles. For that time, I have
maintained the site providing my personal view on politics, world events, the Court and other stories that are current in the news cycle. In addition I've done stories that are often more investigative in nature.  In 2007, I chose to move the Carden Chronicles to the Blogger platform. Since that time I have been privileged to have over 130,000 "views" of the articles I have posted.  In general, I can say the majority of my readers lean politically to the right, and in many of my articles I am perhaps "preaching to the choir"

However since before the November election,  I've noted various stories in the media that have had me "concerned."

There have been stores about unrest, about the chaos with the US election, and about other elections going on throughout the world. In addition we have seen a variety of uprisings such as the attempted coup d'├ętat in Turkey.

What caught me as unusual, is that some of my friends on both sides of the aisle- Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, have all noticed the same thing. On Facebook in particular I have seen several posts from people I highly respect on referring to and comparing today with 1914 and the "Guns of August" or the time between World War I and World War II. I have seen a great deal of anger expressed, and unexpressed. What I have not seen, is good civil discourse on the issues that are plaguing the world today.

As such, I have decided to use my blog, the Carden Chronicles, as a forum for dialogue and discourse; a way to encourage civilized conversation about politics, The Court, the Executive, Legislative, and world events. I have invited some new authors to join me on in this endeavour.

The authors I have asked to join me, represent different political views, some moderate, some liberal, and of course the conservative viewpoint.

Like the greatest Court and our land, the articles presented will not just have an opinion, but concurring opinions and dissenting opinions. My hope is that through this we can create and use this site as a forum for civil discourse; a forum for expressing opposing view points; a forum where we find perhaps we are more alike than we are different.

To all readers who have been following me over the years, I hope you will not be disappointed and will continue to follow this site.

To our new readers and to our new authors, I bid you welcome. I encourage your feedback your comments and civil discourse and debate.


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