Monday, August 15, 2016

Mostly Ignored Olympic History in the Shooting Sports

Kim Rhode, age 37, has made history.   She is the FIRST person ever to medal in SIX consecutive Olympics. While Michael Phelps may have more medals in his FOUR Olympics (Athens, Beijing, London and Rio- he competed in Sydney but did not medal), Kim
Six time Olympic Medalist Kim Rhode
has won medals in Women's Trap in Atlanta,  Sydney,  and Athens, and Women's Skeet in Beijing, London and Rio- and there is no reason to believe she will not compete in Tokyo.

In both Trap and Skeet, a "clay pigeon" that is roughly 5 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick (roughly- Olympic rules use metric measurements on the "pigeon" size).  In Trap the "pigeon" flies away from where the shooter is - at about 60 mph.    In Skeet, the "pigeon" flies across the shooter's position- left to right or right to left.  

If you want to see how difficult it is, go to your local Trap and Skeet club - in Phoenix go out to Ben Avery Shooting Facility and give it a try.   The clubs usually use American rules, so the clay pigeon will fly at a slow 45 mph- although Ben Avery does have an Olympic Trap (or "Bunker Trap") and Olympic Skeet ranges if you want to have a go with Olympic rules!  

The best thing about this, and almost all the shooting sports, is it is never to late to start shooting.  You don't have to be in your early 20's and as fit as Michael Phelps to compete. Literall, just about anyone could start today and with the next four years to practice, could, in theory, be on the medal stand in Tokyo in 2020.

One does have to wonder why Kim's accomplishment has been downplayed if not ignored.   Perhaps it is because she is doing something incredible and historic with a gun?  

Of course, that could never be the case...

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