Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Auto Deaths to Set Record- Time for Action!

While the Left would have us believe that guns are the deadliest "mechanism" man uses, the word comes that Automobile Deaths will likely exceed 40,000 this year alone.   And though it may be hard to believe there are far more Guns in the US than Cars (in May 2016 there were over 1.87 Million NICS background checks alone - or in other words more than 1.87 million people had their backgrounds run for the purpose of purchasing at least 1 firearm in just May 2016- you can purchase more than one on the same NICS check).

So of course we must do something here- 

1. We must ban all Jeeps and Hummers- they have a military appearance and we can't have that.  A military appearance makes things more dangerous.  Suburbans and other quasi-military looking vehicles also should be restricted.  

2. All vehicles must be limited to a tank quantity of less than 10 gallons.  That way you can't drive as much.   You must stop to reload (the tank) more often. 

3.  We must place an breathalyzer interlock on ALL cars and trucks- regardless of whether the person had ever had a DUI- they might try sometime even if they NEVER drink. 

4. All states should adopt "MAY ISSUE" laws instead of SHALL ISSUE.  It should be up to the wim of local sheriffs to decide who gets to drive and who doesn't.  With the Shall Issue law if a person passes the Drivers License test and has a clean record, the state MUSt issue a drivers license.   Obviously this is bad. 

5. One state should not be required to accept another's Drivers License.  Places like New York,  California, DC etc should be allowed to ban drivers from other states from driving in their states.  To hell with the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that interstate travel is a right.

6.  All drivers should be requires to have a background check-- UNIVERSAL Background Checks- even in the case of someone being willed grandfather's old car.  The person buying could have a background of speeding or DUI

7.  Ban the private sale or transfer of autos, and all internet sales. The person buying the car MUST have a background check.   This includes all "car shows" - OK so even though all car dealers at car shows may be licensed  dealers AND they would already do a background check, who cares.   You can buy parts at shows and that means a bad driver "could" get a hold of a car at a show.

8.  Ban all vehicles that are in theory even capable of exceeding the highest local speed limit.  No one "needs" that type of car.

9.  We must limit AAA.   The problem is they are to powerful.  EVERY TIME a multiple vehicle accident occurs it is because of their members and the lobbying power they have.  If it wasn't for their political influence and stranglehold on Congress and State Legislative bodies there would not be such a problem.

10. A 5 day waiting period on all car sales.  

From what I understand, these are all VERY reasonable measures - and any car owner should support them. I have also heard that banning the private ownership of ANY vehicle is a valid argument- trust your local city "professional's" to take care of you.  To hell with any emergency where having a car could help- there are professional's out there- just wait.

If you haven't picked up on my sarcasm, well you should.   You should probably also know that I am really talking about "gun control." EVERY example I have listed as a reasonable idea, is actually  a "reasonable" proposal from gun control advocates.

The big difference between cars and guns?  There were only  8124 homicides with guns in the US according to the FBI for the last full year data.    That's only 31,000 less than the number of persons killed by autos.

Or maybe we really should be talking "car control"..... 



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