Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Tax That Works- And How President Obama Has Done a GREAT Thing (UNINTENTIONALLY)

The title of this alone has, I am sure, shocked and stunned anyone who reads my posts with even the rarest frequency.

My conservative friends are likely thinking I have finally "gone round the bend" or "lost it" altogether.  That I would be praising both a Tax AND President Obama is surely having them suspect I have lost my mind.  

I am equally sure that my liberal friends (I REALLY do have a few) are shocked as well - that I would praise President Obama, in an election year (despite the fact he is a lame duck) must be raising doubts as to my sanity (as though those doubts do not already exist).

Arizona Game and Fish Department will be receiving this year $26 million in Federal tax dollars from a Tax SPECIFICALLY for Wildlife Conservation.   This is a portion of $1.1 billion raised solely for Wildlife and Fisheries.

The tax is the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 signed into law by FDR (and a similar act for Fisheries).  The PR Act requires an 11% excise tax on all long-guns (rifles) and ammunition, and a 10% excise on all handguns.

This tax is paid ONLY by the PURCHASE of Firearms (and fishing equipment for the fisheries act)- and yes, I LIKE this tax.

The Pittman-Robertson Act tax is paid by the manufacturers of firearms and built into the cost of firearms and ammunition.   The funds are "set-aside" by Federal Law.   The funds are NOT part of the General Funds of the United States and MAY ONLY be used for Wildlife Restoration and for the furtherance of hunting education and training.  Billions have been raised since the enactment of the tax.  

A single example of the benefit of this tax is the Wild Turkey.    In the 1930's there were about 30,000 wild turkeys in the US.   Today that number is close to 7 million.

As far as my praise for the President goes---  President Obama has been the greatest  "firearm salesman" this country has seen.   Each year of his Presidency, firearm sales have increased (while murders by firearm have decreased - down to 8,124 in the latest FBI data).  

So thanks to the "unintended" increase in gun sales in part due to the President- the amount raised for Wildlife Restoration has increased-- the greater the gun sales, the more Pittman-Robertson funds are raised.  Increasing Gun Sales and the subsequent increase in PR Act funds is a great thing this President has done-- whether he likes it or not! 



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