Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Lewandowski Issue or Fanatisism and Trump

This late in the campaign season, I usually am wrapping my head around the GOP nominee's positions and reconciling my posisitions vs the candidate's positions and trying to figure out what I can do to support my party's nominee.  

This is an unusual political season, but I think the most interesting part of this Presidential campaign cycle are the accusations of conspiracy.  We are not talking about the usual accusations of conspiracy: the vast right-wing conspiracy, or the left conspiring with the media to destroy everything Republican. This presidential election cycle, it's right on right conspiracy-or another words Republicans eating their young.

First we have the Trump and Meghan Kelly, then Trump calling out McCain (I really hate defending McCain), and Trump quoting verbatim  from the Code Pink playbook about President George W.  Bush during a GOP debate. Now we have the Michelle Fields and Corey Lewandowski situation.    

I'm not positive for what happened and Mr Lewandowski is innocent until proven guilty.   Yet Michelle Fields has bruises on her arm - apparently caused by Donald  Trumps's campaign manager.  First Lewandowski says It never happened, I don't know who you are and I never touched you.   Trump says "She made it up".  But now there's video. 

Maybe Michelle Fields bruises easy.   
Maybe it was a rushed event and it was an honest mistake by Lewandowski.  

It seems to me that when all this first came up that maybe a quick apology- "Hey, I'm sorry I grabbed your arm..." Probably could have resolved the issue.  

Instead we have several news cycles, with Trump saying "she made it up" followed by, pictures of the bruise followed by (eventually) a mug shot or footage of Lewandowski walking out of a Police station after turning himself in on the battery charges.  And we have the Trump campaign and many of his supporters now saying it's all a conspiracy to get Trump.  

Those making the accusations of conspiracy are bordering on fanatisism. 

If Trump thinks that this is not all going to resurface after the convention once we are into the General Election Campaign- he is a nut job. He is handing the DNC material for 30 second spots, again and again and again.  

The worst part of this entire situation, is this sparring is conservative on conservative.  This is more Republicans eating their young. Michelle fields is not a member of the "liberal press."She worked for Breitbart which is about an conservative as the press gets. 

Donald Trump says he wants the Republican nomination.  He continually viciously and unnecessarily attacks fellow conservatives. He's attacked John McCain (who I hate defending) on his Vietnam record. He attacked President George W. Bush in a primary debate with a tirade worthy of Code Pink. If I didn't know better, I would swear Donald Trump is running for the democratic nomination for president.  Perhaps he's spending his money to make sure Hillary WILL win the Presidency. 

Donald Trump says he wants the Republican nomination for president. He says he expects the support of the party for his run and expects to receive the parties nomination at the convention.  

Maybe it's time Mr. Trump stops the constant  attacking of the Republican Party if he expects to get Republican votes for the presidency. 

Otherwise he's just another RINO (a Republican in name only); and is far worse than the establishment he attacks on one hand and yet expects the support of on the other.



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