Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shutdown 13- Lessons to Learn

With the possible deal announced by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, it appears that this round of the budget fight might be over. With the apparent end of "Shutdown ’13" there are lessons that need to be remembered from the last two weeks.
  1. -Our Great Leader, King Barack, the Petulant (Peace be Upon Him) will use the power of his office to attack the American People and use the power of his office to cause pain to average Americans. The biggest example of this are the actions of the National Park Service- closing open air memorials (such as the WWII Memorial and Vietnam Memorial) and attempting to close private property – such as Mt Vernon. These actions were, at best, extra-constitutional. More accurately, these actions differ little from the actions of King George III during the 1770’s and are no less Tyrannical. Since the long term memory of most Americans seems to be almost non-existent, and many who would read this will say “King George who?” I will also say that the actions of the President were NIXON-IAN at best. 

  2. -The Main Stream Media will ignore the extra-constitutional actions, illegal activities, and down- right atrocities on the left. When the MSM cannot avoid reporting on actions that appear “bad for the left” they will spin the events or actions to make sure the left appears in the best light possible. For example- ABC News brushed over the conflict over the WWII memorial on October 1, stating the vets were allowed into the memorial - vs. the Stars and Stripes report that the Vets “stormed” the memorial- there is a huge difference between the two. 

  3. -GOP “Leaders”- or better stated, those GOP Senators who are “approved” or “liked” by the MSM and Left- Senator McCain for example- will spend their time attacking members of their own party, rather than standing for principle. Put it another way- the GOP “Leadership” would rather “eat their young” than stand on principle. Senator McCain’s attack on Senator Cruz over the “sort of filibuster” is a prime example. In response to Senator McCain’s comments – Senator McCain, take a Civics Class- we DO NOT live in a Democracy- we live in a Republic. (Not that Senator McCain would care what I have to say- I am only one of his constituents). It is time for the rank and file of the GOP to change the leadership and vote the bums out! 

  4. -The Shutdown showed the excess of the Federal Government. Besides the closure of National Parks and Monuments- done mostly to “cause pain” to the average American, the impact on the average American was negligible. Now I am sure someone will be screaming, “But Federal Employee’s did not get paid!” Actually- they will. Federal Employees just got two weeks off, paid, and car manufacturers are saying federal employees can “defer” up to 3 months of payments on their vehicles! WOW! I wish I could get that the next time I am laid-off or furloughed from a private organization!

  5. -The GOP "Leadership" in the Senate is the best there is at "grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory."   
These are just a few lessons that could be learned from Shutdown ’13. Hopefully these lessons will be remembered when it is time to vote in November 2014-but I fear they will not. I am quite sure there are many more lessons that can be learned, and I invite readers to comment and add or discuss lessons that should be learned.


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