Friday, October 4, 2013

Arizona Game & Fish Meeting to Deal with Federal Shutdown Issues

The last attack by the Administration of Our Great Leader, Barack Hussein Obama (Peace Be Upon Him) and the Democrats in their "make it hurt" campaign is against Anglers and Hunters.

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission is meeting for the second time this week in emergency session to discuss impacts of the Federal Shutdown. Monday, the Commission voted unanimously to provide personnel, funding and other needs to the Federal Government so that Lees Ferry boat ramp on the Colorado River could be opened.  The Federal Government has also closed the "banks" of the Colorado River at Lees Ferry.

Today's emergency meeting will discuss closures at Roosevelt, Apache, Saguaro, Bartlett and other lakes in central Arizona. These lakes are part of the Salt River Project. The meeting will be available live by telephone or web. Information on attending is in the Agenda. 

Of greater concern is the commision will take comments from Hunters about apparent  closures in National Forrest areas.  It is not clear what areas have been closed specifically to hunters. 

Again the administration is attempting to "make it hurt" by closing areas that normally are never closed and were not closed in the 1995-1996 shutdown.  The administration is SPENDING money to close areas that are Private or State funded by barricading access roads to these private or state lands and parks that cross federal land.  

At the same time that the administration is thinking of new things to close and ways to "make it hurt," they are turning around and blaming Ted Cruz and the House Republicans for the closures.  

Enough is Enough.  The House should keep passing funding bills, and forcing the Democrats to say no.  At the same time, citizens should demonstrate and disobey if needed to access lands, lakes and parks that the Federal Government has no reason to close to begin with.  

The Government derives its JUST POWERS FROM CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED. Its JUST POWERS.  The Government is using its powers in UNJUST ways. Maybe it is time for the people to withdraw their consent. 

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