Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Sky is Falling

No Mr. President the sky is not falling; it’s just your approval ratings plummeting like a meteorite to earth. It’s hard to pin point exactly one thing, because it’s actually multiple problems. Let’s start with your birth certificate. I know...I’m just a “birther”, but the fact of the matter is you haven’t provided America with your actual birth certificate. The obviously fake one that you showed us was actually quite insulting. I just don’t understand why you didn’t just provide your birth certificate at the start of things and this whole controversy could have been avoided.
According to a Gallup Poll people earning less than $2,000 per month during the week of Aug. 2-8 gave President Barak Hussein Obama a 49 percent approval rating on the job he is doing. This is amazing, even after all of the Obama money that has been passed out, it finally seems as if every class is starting to wake up. According to Gallup this is marks the first time the lower class has given President Obama a disapproving rating.
Maybe it’s the way you are turning the White House into a Muslim themed palace. Where are the American flags again? Maybe it’s because your first interviews after you became President of the United States were with Muslim news stations. I mean it’s pretty bad when the liberal David Letterman is getting fed up with how things are going and how many vacations you have taken.

Could it be how laxed you have been on securing our boarders! The same United States of America that you fought so hard to become President of and you won’t even secure our boarders? Sending a couple thousand troops is not securing our boarders Mr. President. I also do not understand why you are suing Arizona over their immigration law, (which hopefully you have read by now). I have read it, and don’t find this unconstitutional at all. To me it mirrors the federal law concerning immigration. If you don’t like the Arizona law maybe you could take a look at the state of Missouri’s immigration laws. Maybe you can find something in there you like.
So what are we going to do? I’ll tell you what we need to do. First we need to pray for “our” President. Pray for his safety and pray that he makes wise decisions and that he will do what’s best for “our” country. Secondly we need to pray for our government. Pray for the people we elect to represent us. Pray that they listen to the people and put the “peoples” needs first. Third, we need to get out and vote. Let’s get rid of the dirty, corrupt politicians who are only there for personal gain. I don’t care if it they are republican or democrat, it’s time to go. Thank you for your service, but it’s no longer required. This November let’s “drain the swamp”.



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