Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Things Iran Has Said

While the world seems to be paying attention to the NIE that alleges that the Iranians have stopped their nuclear weapons program, there are several points that seem to be being missed.

Iran is continuing to enrich Uranium. This is against UN Resolutions and the only logical use for this is for weaponization.

Iran announced the development of the Ashura Missile. This missile is alleged to have a 1,200 mile range and is supposed to be a step up from the Shihab-III missile. The 1,200 mile range will allow this missile to hit anywhere in Israel, a state that Iran has sworn to wipe off the face of the earth. Additionally this missile can hit a variety of US bases in the region. The purpose of this missile can in no way be construed to be defensive with the indicated range.

Iran has announced that it has developed a sonar evading submarine, the "Ghadir." It is unlikely in my opinion that a diesel-electric boat could evade US sonar, but, again, this is not a purely defensive weapon. This weapon is, in my opinion designed for the sole purpose of stopping shipping in the Persian Gulf and to punch holes in the sides of merchant vessels.

None of these developments can be construed as "peaceful." Each of these developments continue to point to the fact that Iran is a Clear and Present Danger, if not to the security of the United States, then definitely to our strongest alley in the Middle East, Israel.


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