Sunday, December 9, 2007

ChiCom Information Warfare

As an Information Technology professional, I end up dealing with network attacks on a daily basis. Some of the more interesting that I have noted lately are from both Iran (top-level domain .ir) and the Peoples Republic of China (top-level domain .cn). A large amount of spam that I see every day and automated penetration attempts have come from IP addresses that trace back to these two countries. It has become bad enough that I routinely block traffic that resolves to China or Iran (traffic that is actually resolving to a domain name). I have often postulated that this activity is organized and an attempt to attack American businesses. This is not a new theory. It has been suggested and reported on since 2001.

Today however, I read that the attacks from the ChiComs have been aimed at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and other such labs around the US.

It should be noted that these attacks are listed as sophisticated. It also should be noted that ALL Internet traffic in and out of the PRC is controlled by the Commie Government. I personally have been told that American Citizens that are in the PRC are not able to get to sites like BlogSpot, etc. and that all traffic is monitored. Therefore it is easy to assume that these attacks are government sponsored or controlled.


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