Wednesday, March 3, 2021

COVID-19 Precautions Side-Effect

I do a lot of reading of a variety of subjects and today my reading took me to the CDC’s data on the FLU season this year.   Basically, the data says this year, there really hasn’t been one- or not very much of one.  

Perhaps most significant is the incredible decrease in pediatric deaths from flu this season (2020-2021) so far.    The CDC only knows of one vs last year at this time there were 195.  If we go back to 2017-2018 (where we know there was no cross-over with COVID) there were 188 pediatric deaths from flu.  

I know first hand that the flu vaccine doesn’t always work- but it is worth being immunized.   I have been immunized every year since 2008, and I certainly do not regret getting the flu shot.  

Likewise, I believe it is equally important to get the COVIID vaccines.    Are the vaccines 100% effective? No.  But the protections the vaccines provide will help slow the spread and provide far, far better protection than not having the vaccine.  

The incredibly low flu numbers also seem to show that masks, staying home when sick, social distancing, etc works to slow other diseases- like influenza A or B. I am certainly not advocating permanent mask wearing and social distancing.  I do however think we should objectively look at what things worked to slow disease spread and see how those things can be applied in the future on a voluntary basis.  After all, the precautions that have been in-place may have been meant to slow COVID, but it appears one of the surprise side-effects is that influenza was slowed and lives were saved as a result.  



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