Thursday, January 7, 2021

Attacks from Both Sides

There is a cost to taking a stand.  I have had disagreements with relatives, old friends and some of my readers of “The Carden Chronicles” on my statement that President Trump should leave office and that he has lost moral authority to lead.  

And while I have been defending myself on the right, I have been defending myself from some fairly vicious attacks from the LEFT- who want to lay the blame of all of this on EVERY Republican, regardless of wether we supported President Trump and who have laid blame on the grave of President Ronald Reagan- saying this is all because of “Reagan’s push for smaller government- and they have been vicious.  

I will not be backing down.   

For those on the left who cannot resist the childish urge to “rub [our] noses” in something- all you are doing is stopping more Republicans from speaking out.  YOU are the ones that will prevent action on the 25th or calls for resignation.   The more you attack from the left, the more those that should speak out will run to the right.   And I for one shall lay the blame for anything that happens next at your doorstep.  

For those from the right who keep telling me I am wrong- there is one fact that cannot be avoided.  NO MATTER WHO you think was responsible for the attack on the Capitol (ANTIFA plants or Aliens from Mars) - there was an attack on the Capitol.   The President of the United States and Commander In Chief had a DUTY TO ACT- he did not act.  He REFUSED a to call out the National Guard. The National Guard was called out by the VICE PRESIDENT sand SECDEF.  This alone creates a huge Constitutional Issue- bigger even than the question of wether Vice President Cheney gave the order to shoot down aircraft on 9/11 or if President Bush did.  

The PRESIDENT of the United States FAILED TO ACT when there was a Clear and Present Danger to the Capitol and the Congress.  He had a DUTY TO ACT.  He refused.   Alone, this is sufficient to declare he has lost all moral authority to lead and should step down or be removed from office.  

I will continue to speak out, regardless of consequences because it is the right thing to do.  I will not back down.  

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