Saturday, August 10, 2019

CLASSIFIED: The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy - Or Not (Satire Saturday)

Written by: [Name Redacted]

BREAKING NEWS - Jeffrey Epstein has been found dead in his jail cell. This was an “apparent suicide.”

CEO’s, Politicians, Royalty, Former US Presidents and Members of Congress, who had spent time at Epstein’s  “Rest and Relaxation” Sex Island all let out a huge sigh of relief.

Bad conspiracy theories are already spreading at the speed of light. These bad theories are part of a disinformation campaign-maybe like the article you are reading now - to provide a cover story for both the real conspiracy and the fake conspiracies.

Since Facebook is as secure as Hillary Clinton's email server a secure platform, and I know and absolutely trust every single person who reads this, I believe it appropriate to document the proof of the conspiracy. I will ask everyone who reads this to keep this highly sensitive information absolutely private. PLEASE make sure you share ONLY the disinformation. We cannot have people believing the truth because it will cause too much confusion.

How do we know there is a Conspiracy here?  Because every single piece of evidence says there is no conspiracy.

All the powerful people implicated were rich and therefore they could afford to send in an elite Hashashin Assassin to make it LOOK like a suicide. The proof here is that not a single guard at the detention facility saw the assassin. The assassin was NOT seen on camera, and NO ONE saw an assassin enter the cell, kill Epstein, create the “suicide” evidence with a fake body, and smuggle the REAL Epstein’s body out of the facility.

Only an extremely well funded and trained assassin could pull that off - and the only the mega-wealthy can afford that level of skill and efficiency. This also means the Government was involved. The mega-wealthy after all are the TRUE government - most politicians are really just “puppets” that follow the orders of the mega-wealthy.

We also know the Government was involved because of the aircraft that was used in this conspiracy. Not a SINGLED frame of all the security footage shows a highly classified US Special Operations Silent Supersonic VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft - the SR-71/2 bringing in the Hashashin. Not a single video frame shows the Hashashin leaving the area in the aircraft.  Further evidence that the SR-71/2 was used comes from the fact that no one reported hearing a "sonic boom" as the aircraft arrived and departed.   If any other aircraft had been used, the "sonic boom"  would have been heard.  Because no "sonic boom" was reported, we know that only the Special Operations Silent Supersonic VTOL Aircraft could have been used.

 Israeli Air Force Photo that Does Not Show the SR-71/2
The fact that the SR-71/2 was used, shows just how high this conspiracy goes.  The Department of Defense has gone to extreme measures to cover up and deny the existence of this aircraft.  Not only does the Department of Defense refuse to list the SR-71/2 in any documentation, they have denied the aircraft was even thought of by the late, Kelly Johnson.  The DOD also denies this aircraft was developed in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force. The Israeli Defense Forces also deny any knowledge of, or involvement in the SR-71/2.  Significantly, not a single picture of the aircraft flying over Masada in Israel appears anywhere in Israeli Air Force files. The photo shown in this article shows other US/Israeli Aircraft flying over Masada, but not the SR-71/2; proving the "official" Israeli government stance -"Israel knows nothing of this aircraft"

Proof of how secret even the TESTING of this was, comes from the fact that there is not even ONE photo of the SR-71/2 undergoing flight test at neither Area-51 nor at Edwards Air Force Base.  The existence SR-71/2 is so highly classified, it has also been kept from Congress.   Not a single reference of this remarkable aircraft appears in any Federal Budget.   Because the SR-71/2 does not show up in ANY government document, or budget; and Department of Defense officials completely deny the existence of the aircraft; we know just how secret the SR-71/2 program is. (Note: The DOD website has no reference for the SR-71/2.  This URL ( for the SR-71/2 opens to an OFFICIAL Department of Defense web-page that says 'We're sorry, this mission can't be completed! Let's see if we can help you find what you're looking for at, the official source for DOD news, information and resources"- proving that the DOD says this plane does not exist.)

Truly secret conspiracies leave behind no evidence.  Evidence of a conspiracy is proof that the alleged "conspiracy" was poorly executed.  Looking at the total lack of evidence in the Epstein "Suicide," we can clearly see how brilliantly this conspiracy was executed.  In fact, we can conclude that the media and a vast majority of the people on this planet, will believe that Jeffery Epstein was found dead in his jail cell of an "apparent suicide."

Always remember, if you are presented with actual "evidence" of an alleged major conspiracy or cover-up, you should not believe what you are being told.  After all, a perfectly executed conspiracy or cover-up leaves behind no evidence.


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