Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Healthcare Alert for ALL my Readers

It is not often that I provide unsolicited health warnings to the readers of "The Carden Chronicles" or to my friends on Facebook but today is the eve of an important day in Medicine and I am led to make such a warning.

I will start by saying today we are all safe. There is no need to worry; you should not panic; and right this moment, there is no cause for alarm. 

But things will begin to change after midnight tonight.

Tomorrow is July 1. All over the United States, in every teaching hospital in the nation, young faces, with fixed, petrified smiles and the look of terror one sees in the face of person caught in the headlights of an on-rushing train; in brand-new starched lab coats will be wandering the halls of hospitals in great white flocks.    

If you are in a teaching hospital for any reason tomorrow- whether it be an emergency or for a prescheduled routine procedure, they WILL walk into your room tomorrow, introduce themselves (perhaps stumbling over or forgetting their name), and with perhaps a bit of nervousness, say the most terrifying words any person who is injured or ill will ever hear, "Hi, this is my first day treating real patients and you are my very first!"

For those that do not know, July 1 is the date in the United States when all third-year medical students begin to practice with real human beings- well live human beings at least- in the hospital and clinical environment.  It is also the day when all newly graduated medical students begin their days as a practicing doctor, and begin their internships.  

There is one other important piece of information that many people do not understand or have never heard before. There is a special title given to the person who graduated at the very bottom- the one who graduated very last of their class in medical school...

...That person is given the title and called by the term "doctor."

So my friends, I leave you with this warning on July 1 stay healthy; or at least avoid teaching hospitals.

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