Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't Mess With Arizona

In 1986, Texas started a new "anti-litter" campaign.  Signs along the highway read, "Don't mess with Texas."  The signs and slogan became very popular, and now, all manner of merchandise is available with the "Don't mess with Texas" slogan.

I would never be one to suggest that Texans do not have an fiercely independent streak.  The "Texas mindset" is legendary.  However, I would suggest that fiercely independent streak and "mindset" of Arizonans is definitely on par with (if not exceeding) that of Texans.

The latest evidence of the proudly independent nature of Arizonans can be seen in Gov. Jan Brewer's latest polling numbers.  Her numbers have skyrocketed, partly due to the way she has stood up to Barack Hussein Obama in recent weeks.  On the same token, Terry Goddard, the Arizona State Attorney General, has seen his polling numbers in his gubernatorial bid against Gov. Brewer plummet- partially due to the fact that he has stated he agrees with Obama.

As a teenager, I remember the debate over Martin Luther King Day in Arizona.   The holiday had been proposed many times, and each time defeated.  Arizona did not want another Federal holiday where state employees would have the day off with pay.  The King holiday finally went to the voters, and was leading in the polls, until, a national news anchor announced, "if Arizona does not pass the King holiday, the NFL will pull the Super Bowl."  From that moment, the holiday was doomed as poll numbers plummeted.   The holiday went down in defeat, and it was until at least a year later, with the "threat" of boycott gone, that Arizona passed the holiday.

Anecdotally, I also remember talking to my father in the late 1990's about Arizona and medical marijuana.  He (my dad) was strongly opposed to the law, as were many in the state.  However, the law passed.  Then, US Attorney General Janet Reno threatened raids and lawsuits in Arizona over the law.  I remember calling my dad after this.  His response was basically the Federal Government should get its nose out of Arizona.  Arizona's law was Arizona's law, and he was not happy that the "Feds" were telling Arizona what to do.

There is plenty of history of Arizona defying the federal government.  Arizona called out the national guard against California over water in the 1930's.  Arizona re-opening Grand Canyon National Park during the "government shutdown" of the Clinton era- after Clinton said "no."

Bottom line, the best thing that has happened for Gov. Brewer, and SB1070 has been Obama criticizing the Governor and the bill, and all the opposition from outside the state.   This opposition guarantees ever strengthening support for Gov. Brewer and SB1070.

Go ahead- Tell Arizona what they can't do.  That is the perfect way to guarantee Arizona will do what it wants and then tell the rest of the country what they can do.

Bottom line...

Don't mess with Texas Arizona.


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