Sunday, November 16, 2008

A New Nightmare Scenario

According to reports Senator McCain will be meeting with Former Senator Obama (soon to be, but NOT YET President-Elect) today, November 17, 2008 about cooperation.

Rumor has it that Former Senator Obama may offer Senator McCain the post of Secretary of Defense. The idea of a Republican SecDef, with a Democratic President is not that far-fetched- after all, Sec. McNamara was a Republican.

However, this appointment would be an INCREDIBLE VICTORY for the Democrats, and a NIGHTMARE for the GOP.

If Senator McCain leaves the Senate, his seat will be fill by appointment by the DEMOCRAT Governor of Arizona. This would, as things now appear to be standing, put the Democrats at, or over the 60 seat Super Majority.

It appears that Stevens' seat is gone. The "recount" in Minnesota is a joke and appears to be headed for a Franken win-- especially if they keep finding "missing" ballots. The GOP could hold 41 seats if Saxby Chamblis wins in Georgia.

However, if Senator McCain leaves the Senate-- the Democrats have total control...

By the way-- is this Obama plagiarizing the "Seventh Season of West Wing"-- the "Maverick Republican Senator" gets appointed to the "First Minority President's cabinet."

Later today I am flying to Minneapolis-- anyone want to bet whether I am asked to fill out a Democratic Absentee Ballot for Franken when I land????


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